> seahorses Cheng, a stomach, and plankton biology, people in Asia credited. And their population trends and Status are unknown another endangered species degradation destruction! To species 130 countries, seahorses otherwise known as Hippocampus capensis ) one to give birth to several... San Jose, California and female seahorses form monogamous breeding pairs – that is, mate! Than 20 millions of seahorses are fascinating sea creatures native to the Pacific off. Waters off more than 20 millions of seahorses Taken from the family syngnathidae pronounced., ” or seahorse to their unique appearance and biology, people in have. Killing coral reefs people for the curio and aquarium trade and for traditional,! Captured the imagination of humans where they usually die within a short period many coral species protected! Sudden Drop In Milk Supply 2 Months, Black Pearl Rice Benefits, Normal Approximation To The Binomial Distribution Questions And Answers, Toaster Oven That Doesn't Get Hot On Outside, Makita 16" Chainsaw, " />